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2023-10 NXDOMAIN*

You are going to implement a simplified DNS infrastructure that contains a DNS recursor, some DNS servers, a launcher program that generates configurations for the DNS servers and a verifier that validates the configurations of the DNS servers.

2023-10 INFO1113 / COMP9003: Java processing game development

Create a game in the Java programming language using the Processing library for graphics and gradle as a dependency manager.

2023-9 用GCN模型来预测居民用水量


2023-9 利用网络爬虫分析互联网平台上的白酒文化相关词条


2023-8 用DDPG算法解决卫星侦查飞机问题

用DDPG算法完成卫星侦查飞行飞机这个问题 需要完成DDPG与stk平台的接口代码; 完成该算法数学模型做出仿真视频(stk) Python语言完成